Restorative Massage

Take a deep breath...and breath in wellness.

Unwind, relax, reflect as you give into to a full body holistic restorative massage.  Restorative massage is the blending of Ayurvedic Balancing and Western Therapeutic massage.  The goal is to restore balance to mind-body-spirt by using deep pressure strokes and heated oils.  

60 minute       75 minute      90 minute

60 mins

75 mins




Restorative Deep Tissue

For those who just need just a "little more".

Restorative Deep Tissue massage is much like restorative full body massage but focused on areas that carry ongoing stressors, or simple for those who prefer a little more than deep pressure.  Restorative deep tissue is great for "rejuvenating" specific areas such as neck & shoulders; back/ lower back & legs.  Please note that all massage are "non-RMT".   Please contact your health benefit provider for Deep tissue coverage.  No direct billing. 

60 minute           75 minute           90 minute





All massage treatments are full body treatments. Indian heated oils are used as part of treatment, in particular Sesame oil which has great natural healing and balancing elements. Oils and lotions used for massage can be customized based on client needs.

 Rejuvenate     Restore     Revive